SMARTSmag: Issue 002, Spring 2012

With forewords from Chris Lettera, Kelly Brothers, and Amanda Miller


Slideshow:  A Day at SMARTS – Christopher Lettera


Trenten – by Trenten
Under the Rug – by Ian
Under the Rug– by Liarie
The Little Whale – by Anthony
The Raccoon in the Floor – by Lorionna
Jungle Book – by Keshon
The Pilot Whale and his Friends – by Emani
Some are Bullies, Some Aren’t – by Emani


In Honor of the Floor – by Lucy
Dear Serena 2032 from Serena 2011 – by Serenity
Greetings from Wonderland
New Year (Rumors Saying We Are Going to Die) – by Miles
Untitled – by Precious
The Snow Man – by Nyamekye
Joseph – by Joseph
Zau’keese – by Zau’keese
The Wonder Place – by Aalissia
Untitled Piece on the Jenny – by Antanasia
I Suspect You Can Feel It – by Miles
I Suspect You Can Feel It – by Alura
Enchanted – by Alura
Just Stay Here – by Alura
My Magical Land – by Malya
Untitled – by Malya
Left: Fire Right: Water – by Ella
Weird Wanda – by Ella
Free – by Ella
The Night – by Ammon
Opposites – by Ammon

Poetry Poker Poems

Untitled—Poetry Poker – by Shirlise
Untitled—Poetry Poker – by Destiny
Untitled—Poetry Poker – by Samone
Untitled—Poetry Poker – by Keshon
Untitled—Poetry Poker – by Anthony